Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mal’ak products different than other children’s skin care products on market?

Mal’ak products provides a safe, green and effective skin care formulas for children (age 1-13). Mal’ak relies on nature’s purity (99%) to deliver gentle formulas that are free of petrochemical, synthetic preservative, synthetic fragrance, essential oil and dyes.

Mal’ak products seem to possess a light fragrance. What is it?

Mal’ak is free of synthetic fragrance and essential oil because both of them cause the irritation. Although essential oil is made up of natural derivatives, it always contains at least one of allergen substance. Our calming and soothing natural aroma comes directly from pure fruit extracts.

Are Mal’ak products safe to use on children?

Our products were specially formulated for the kids and teen, ages from 1 to 13.

The gentle formulas are free of petrochemical, synthetic preservative, synthetic fragrance, essential oil and dyes. We use plant derived or organic certified materials only. Please see our material restriction list for more information.

What’s the objective of Dermatology Test?

The objective of our test was to determine the irritation and/or sensitization potential of the test article after repeated application under occlusive patch test conditions to the skin of human subjects (non-exclusive panel).

Are Mal’ak products tested by dermatologists?

Yes, Mal’ak has been tested for safety to ensure the products are safe, cause no irritation, and are not allergic.

What kind of basic skin care is needed for children?

Wash the face twice a day, put outdoor lotion in the morning and moisturizer at night.

Where would I buy Mal’ak products?

You can buy them online or at special children care stores.

What is the Cosmetic Safety Score?

It’s material safety data index from Skin Deep ( , an online safety guide for cosmetics and personal care products.

Cosmetic Safety Score Key

The Skin Deep database provides you with easy-to-navigate safety ratings for nearly a quarter of all products on the market — 50,950 products with 8,753 ingredients. At about one million page views per month, Skin Deep is the world's largest and most popular product safety guide.

Is it safe to use a credit card to place an order on your site?

We only collect necessary information to complete the transaction. We are not sharing customer’s information with any person or organization outside Mal’ak Natural unless required to do so by law. The orders and transactions are all processed by PayPal system, which provides top-level secured online purchase service. More information is available from