Skincare Tips

Keep It Clean!

Unlike other organs, your skin likes a good washing. When you wash your skin, simply run gentle facial cleanser under water and rub them together to create the lather (don’t use adult facial cleanser/soap bar, they can damage your skin). This keeps the dirt out and helps prevent infections. Good cleansers are designed to clean your pores, making your skin smoother.

Keep It Moisturized

Make sure your child doesn’t use adult moisturizer on their face. These often contain ingredients which can cause reactions.

Keep It Protected From UV

It is vital to protect your children’s against the sun, and particularly against sunburn, to prevent the development of skin cancer in the years ahead. Always use outdoor lotion play outside even on a cloudy day.

Keep It Nourished

Your diet plays a vital role in skin care. You must eat a low-fat diet for healthy skin. A diet high in fruits and vegetables is best since they are loaded with antioxidants which help to keep the skin supple and nourished. Drinking plenty of fluids is extremely important for healthy skin.

Keep Exercising

Another important factor that helps your skin to be healthy enough is exercise. Regular exercise will help to increase blood flow to the skin. Increased blood flow to the surface of the skin not only gives you the appearance of a healthy glow, it also helps clean and repair the skin tissues.